Elena's Story

I come from a blessed country .. Greek nature is in itself a driving force for creation! So, living in such a place for 32 years and having in my hands what Greek nature can offer me, I could not help but deal with this area, with the field of creating herbal cosmetics. At a time when we are surrounded by so many chemicals and toxic products that are unfortunately consumed on a daily basis, I decided to turn my anxiety into creativity, thus solving the concerns of thousands of people out there.

So I decided to dedicate myself to the field of natural cosmetics using only materials from nature !! As part of many years of searching and research I discovered a gas with incredible antioxidant activity and excellent effect on the skin and beyond. Many scientists describe it as the 21st century revolution in the field of aesthetic cosmetology. This gas is none other than active oxygen. 

My decision to enrich the Greek pure virgin olive oil with this miraculous gas resulted in the creation of olive oil with active oxygen, an innovative, innovative material for which our company has a patent and which has incredible and proven beneficial properties. skin. 

This is how the company "KYKLOS" was created and we are pleased to produce innovative natural cosmetics based on this innovative material in combination with wonderful vegetable oils and essential oils, each selected individually for its beneficial effect on the skin. I hope you enjoy and love them as much as we do !!


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