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About us

Προέρχομαι από μία ευλογημένη χώρα.. η ελληνική φύση είναι από μόνη της κινητήριος δύναμη για δημιουργία! Ζώντας λοιπόν σ’ έναν τέτοιο τόπο κι έχοντας στα χέρια μου όσα η ελληνική φύση μπορεί να μου προσφέρει δεν θα μπορούσα παρά να ασχοληθώ με αυτόν τον χώρο, με τον τομέα της δημιουργίας φυτικών καλλυντικών. Σε μία εποχή που είμαστε περικυκλωμένοι από τόσα χημικά και τοξικά προϊόντα των οποίων η κατανάλωση είναι δυστυχώς καθημερινή αποφάσισα να μετατρέψω την ανησυχία μου σε δημιουργικότητα δίνοντας έτσι λύση στον προβληματισμό χιλιάδων ανθρώπων εκεί έξω.

So I decided to dedicate myself to the field of natural cosmetics using only materials from nature !! As part of many years of searching and research I discovered a gas with incredible antioxidant activity and excellent effect on the skin and beyond. Many scientists describe it as the 21st century revolution in the field of aesthetic cosmetology. This gas is none other than active oxygen. 


Elena's Story

My decision to enrich the Greek pure virgin olive oil with this miraculous gas resulted in the creation of olive oil with active oxygen, an innovative, innovative material for which our company has a patent and which has incredible and proven beneficial properties. skin. 

This is how the company "KYKLOS" was created and we are pleased to produce innovative natural cosmetics based on this innovative material in combination with wonderful vegetable oils and essential oils, each selected individually for its beneficial effect on the skin. I hope you enjoy and love them as much as we do !!


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The circle symbolizes completeness, perfection and eternity. It embodies the beauty that has neither beginning nor end. The connection of the body with the soul.
Our intention is to create cosmetic products solely based on natural cosmetics, with respect and responsibility towards both the environment and consumers. Στόχος μας είναι να αναδείξουμε πόσο σημαντικό είναι να αγαπάμε τον εαυτό μας και να τον αποδεχόμαστε καλλιεργώντας ταυτόχρονα την εσωτερική και την εξωτερική μας ομορφιά.  
Our innovation: Olive oil enriched with active oxygen

It is what differentiates us from similar products in the field of cosmetology. It is an innovative and ground-breaking material for which our company has obtained a patent. Olive oil with active oxygen is created after a long treatment of pure extra virgin olive oil with medical oxygen. By the end of this process, the final product is an oil that retains all the vitamins of olive oil but also has the properties of active oxygen encapsulated.

During its application, Vitamin E is transferred to the skin cells as well as oxygen. Although the human body is extremely impermeable, thanks to this mechanism, the skin is deeply oxygenated.

Olive Oil with Active Oxygen

Stimulates the growth of skin cells. Cleanses and sterilizes the skin. Reduces swelling and redness. It acts effectively on harmful toxins. Deeply moisturizes the skin. Promotes healthy skin conditions. Deeply treats wrinkles. According to research conducted around the world, when using olive oil with active oxygen, the skin fibroblasts multiply, as a result of which the intercellular matrix is ​​strengthened, offering infinite benefits to the skin of the face and the skin.

Organic sesame oil

An oil rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. Restructures, softens and moisturizes the skin. It penetrates the skin, frees the pores and helps in the anti-aging process. Keeps skin smooth and soft.

Organic Pumpkin oil

A high quality oil, rich in antioxidants. Protects skin cell membranes, preserves collagen and maintains skin hydration at high levels.

Organic camellia oil

It acts as a regulator in cell metabolism. Smoothes fine lines and tightens open skin pores giving a uniform appearance to the skin. Fights free radicals and provides deep cell nutrition.

Organic wild rose oil (seed extract)

Wild rose oil is rich in vitamins A and E as well as Ω-3 and Ω-6 fatty acids. They are proven to be one of the best anti-aging oils, suitable for fighting wrinkles.

Raspberry oil

It is particularly rich in vitamins E and A as well as Ω-3 and Ω-6 fatty acids. It has a particularly increased antioxidant and antibacterial activity. The sun protection index it offers is very high. It is highly effective for facial care, is easily absorbed and does not leave a feeling of oiliness.

Almond Oil

Rich in vitamins E, K, Ω-3, Ω-6 and proteins. Contains trace elements, zinc and iron. It has important anti-aging and healing properties. Suitable for all skin types.

Grape seed oil

Grapefruit oil is rich in polyphenols, one of the most powerful antioxidant oils. Revitalizes, nourishes and restructures the skin. It is ideal for burns, wounds and damaged tissues.

Organic jojoba oil

Rich in vitamins. It is absorbed immediately and deeply moisturizes the skin. Nourishes and tones the skin and maintains skin moisture and elasticity. Provides protection from sunlight.

Έλαιο πατσουλί

Helps regenerate cells, softens the skin. It has strong anti-aging properties, rejuvenates the skin and removes stress and depression.

Sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil has impressive properties. Moisturizes and softens the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, tonic and soothing.