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Elena’s story

I come from Greece, a blessed country rich in herbs and natural wealth. My source of inspiration is Greek nature itself and I decided to devote myself in the production of natural cosmetics using only pure natural ingredients. In an era in which we are surrounded by chemical and toxic products, my concern to create natural cosmetics became an urgent need. After years of research, I realized very soon that one of the products with worldwide recognition and extra beneficial qualities is the Greek extra virgin olive oil. In an effort to find the best processing method, I ended up enriching olive oil with a natural gas known for its intense antioxidant action and incredible effect on skin. This gas is not other than ozone! Many scientists consider it as the 21st century’s revolution in cosmetic treatment. This is how “ozonated olive oil” was created. “KYKLOS” company has a patent diploma for “ozonated olive oil”, an innovative natural product with proven beneficial qualities for the skin. Using “ozonated olive oil” as a basis, we produce natural innovative cosmetics by combining it with pure beneficial essential oils. …I hope you enjoy and love our products as we do! Elena Lenou

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